Personal backlogs

What’s wrong with our current backlog / icebucket / todo list? Do you have a backlog of doom? A bottomless bucket full of probably unimportant things you possibly should do, interspersed with the occasional really import thing that will bite you hard if you don’t do it? Do you spend...
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Fast backup to external drive with lz4

The simplest backup is to just tar-gz your home directory, but it’s painfully slow. A friend put me on to lz4 which isn’t installed by default in ubuntu & mint, it moves the bottleneck from the compressor to disk i/o for my spinning rust usb disks. The default output of...
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Question: where are we at with dynamic static sites?

So tell me about dynamic static sites… History lesson I’ve been a software engineer primarily creating dynamic websites for a loooong time. First there was a server with html files and caching proxies. Then there were scripting extensions (cgi, php, asp-classic etc) to spice up your html, then there were...
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