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Dear Sirs,

I spoke to one of your people on the phone and she recommended I mail details of the three issues I'm having with my new Motorola bluetooth headset.

I own a Sony Ericsson P800
(Firmware details: Phone: CXC162002 R2D, Bluetooth: CXC12529 R5A)

I have purchased (yesterday) a Motorola HS810 Bluetooth headset to use with it. (From car phone wharehouse)
It paired up correctly and I have successfully made & received calls using it.

I am now having difficulty with voice dialling features. When I press the multifunction button on the side of the headset (which does work for answering calls and hanging up) in order to begin a call using voice dialling, the phone picks up the bluetooth connection, but does not then look up any voice commands as it should. I have tested this functionality without the headset and it works as follows: hold down jog dial, speak name, number is dialled.
Any ideas?

Probably a separate issue: I don't hear the recorded name that the phone plays when I receive an incoming call from a number which has a voice recording attached (the phone says "playing voice command" but the headset doesn't have sound at that point).

The other thing was: the manual says if you press both volume buttons then the LEDs will stop flashing. But they don't, which is odd.

I look forward to any help you can give me with these queries.


Tim Abell
077** ******

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