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I would appear to have finally managed to order Solo Guitar Playing from Hopefully it'll turn up soon. I've not been impressed with Amazon, it took me three attempts to persuade them to put my order through properly. I wonder whether their site is broken in Mozilla. It was quite a change from the good experiences I had years ago when ordering from them. I was close to actually using a real bookshop. I asked them to find my old account, but it I received no response at all. Hrmmm.

Anyway, nuff ranting. I'm looking forward to continuing the excercises in the book (by Frederick M. Noad) which is very well written and doesn't make learning any harder than it needs to be. I borrowed a copy off my neighbour, thank you neighbour, "but that's a breach of copyright" I hear you cry... Look I bought the book. OK? Sharing works. End of story. If I didn't buy it then stopping someone showing it to me doesn't exactly make me more inclined to buy it. I'll be expecting a letter from the digital rights people any minute! Oops, that sounded like another rant.


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