Finding a contractor accountants

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Boring but important, having an accountant firm to make sure the books are HMRC-proof is important.

I don’t know why but I’ve found it hard to pick good ones, and harder than I expected to find, research and choose a firm.

Things that you need to keep in mind

  • Business insurance (professional indemnity etc), often bundled but needs to happen
  • Accountancy software - some use their own but that makes moving firms harder, so I’d use something separate. Some accountants bundle the fee.
    • Xero - works but not very useable, seems to be built around ye-olde accountancy practices rather than what’s easy to use.
    • FreeAgent - much more useable, good enough for a contracting business
  • Company registration (if you’re just starting), some accountants will do it for you, or you can set a company up yourself

Things your accountants can/should do for you

  • Submit yearly accounts to companies house
  • Help you set tax efficient salary
  • Make sure your accounts in freeagent are accurate
  • Help you understand your P&L (profit and loss)
  • Submit your vat returns, and help you make sure it’s right
  • Personal tax return prep (plus spouse), some charge extra
  • Make sure you’re claiming the correct expenses, notably home-office allowance
  • Check your accounts are in line with current laws and tax laws.

Additional services

Some also will do:

  • Bundled FreeAgent subscription
  • Company setup
  • Umbrella company stuff
  • IR35 assessment/protection
  • IPSE membership
  • Provide a registered address to use that’s not your home, and forward any mail
  • Business insurance
  • Registered company address

Contract accountant list & reviews

I’ve asked around my network and these are the ones I’ve gathered so far. I’ve put them in a table, added links to trustpilot reviews and made a note of current (at time of writing) review scores and counts to help decide.

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