New year new blog, happy 2017

January 17, 2017

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I’ve used blogger for years, but the layout for code has not improved for a long time. I’ve also found my domain’s website stagnating because of the hassle of updating it, so I’ve moved the whole kaboodle to

Find my old blog and all its content at

I’m not migrating the content from blogger because I think google will keep it online, and cool URIs don’t change. I’ve never been convinced of the value of people lugging their blog posts from one platform to the next, it seems to break more than it fixes most of the time. Like the one where the old host didn’t need the trailing slash at the end of the URL and the new host did, breaking half the incoming links. It’s only because I’m a web dev that I guessed what the fix was.

Enough about that anyway. Happy new year :-)

Please do add my new blog to your favourite blog reading software / rss reader etc., and do drop me a line on just so I know you’re out there!

The original of the header is a photo I took myself which you can find on flickr:

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