Pay as you drive won't work because...

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  • People won't fit tracking devices to existing cars - especially if they have to pay for them
  • Cost of driving is only a dis-incentive if known in advance of the journey.
  • etc.
  • rant. grrr.

edit: more thoughts

  • if motorways are higher cost, large vehicles will use A & B roads instead, which is bad for cyclists.
  • why is congestion such a bad thing anyway? isn't it the best incentive for people to seek alternative methods of transport?
  • why is this any better than the current tax per mile, aka fuel tax? I think perhaps this is a reaction to the revolt against fuel tax rises.

If you want to reduce congestion, then apart from sudafed, the best example I've seen is the M25 variable (enforced) speed limit. I'd be more than happy to see this extended to all motorways.

As usual without decent alternatives reducing congestion is a losing battle. Have you taken a regional bus / train service lately? My most recent experience was the Woodley to Reading bus, which took at least half an hour (when it eventually showed up) for a journey I can do in 15 mins on my mountain bike. Add to that no guarantee of a ride home after a few beers and frankly I'd rather drive and put up with ten minutes in traffic.


Maybe I shouldn't listen to the news. Besides, is funnier.

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