google funds open source development

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This is a welcome boost for open source.
Shame i'm no longer a student.

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Subject: Google sponsors Nmap summer student developers
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2005 02:56:52 -0700
From: Fyodor

Hello everyone,

Yesterday, Google announced their first Summer of Code program. This
innovative and generous program provides $4,500 stipends to each of
200 university students to create or enhance open source software
during their summer break. I am pleased to announce that Nmap is one
of 40 open source projects that Google selected for this program. We
would be pleased to work with one or more students to extend the power
of Nmap. You get paid, gain valuable experience and a great resume
booster, while the Nmap project and users benefit from your valuable

You have until June 14 to apply if you are interested, though your
chances may be better if you apply sooner. If you do fill out the
application, please also send me the project description and a brief
bio describing how your experience fits the project. Also let me know
what school you attend. I have written up some project ideas, though
you are free to submit whatever cool idea your heart desires.

Here are the relevant URLs:

Nmap Project Ideas:
Google's Summer of Code Page:
Participant FAQ:
Application Form:

Good luck!

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