Commuting by Bike

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I just got in from work. This is the first time I've ridden to my new job. It's 9.9 miles each way, and reasonably flat except for a few sharp rises and drops. All this fitness stuff is really starting to pay off, I averaged 18.5mph on the way to work (32 mins) and 19mph on the way home (31 mins). That's by far the best speeds I have ever attained. I did once manage 20mph but it was over a much shorter distance and I probably had the wind with me (parp).

My cycling has been really important to me ever since my first trike. I let it slip once not long after I got a car, laziness ruled and I didn't go out for ages. The final straw was one christmas when I went for a short ride to relieve the boredom. I didn't even make it a mile up the road, and I was so annoyed with myself that I haven't stopped since.

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