I hate ebay because...

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  • their website is soooo slow.
  • You can't change a listing in the last 24hrs, but there's nothing to say so
  • You can't see anything before 60 days ago
  • You can't change your invoices if you make a mistake
  • they really stress me out every time i try to use their stupid website.
  • the whole thing is really counter intuitive
  • there is no competition, so they can be as shit as they want and people will still use it.

/ unashamed rant

Ps I've had a shitty cold for the last few days.
Yes, I'm currently a bad mood bear. Did I mention I hate sundays too? Why does everything shut by the time I'm up? (4pm) If they've even bothered opening at all.

Someone find me a beer.

ok, having read this
I'm never using ebay again. [expletive deleted].

by the way, the reason i'm so pissed is that they've charged me for two listings which I NEVER GOT PAYMENT FOR. [expletive deleted]

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