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If you follow my ramblings you might know that I’ve revived my interest in creating a commercial tool to help devs, dbas etc browse their sql databases. I’ve done some research before and didn’t find much on a par with what I have in mind. I’ve done a bit more, and turned up a couple:

  • A feature of sql workbench - I’ve seen the product but didn’t know it could do that. Not directly competition as it’s not nearly as smooth to use as what I’m building for this particular use case.
  • SqlSmash - Something I’d not seen before, which has fk based navigation (vid) that’s basically what I’m building, albeit embedded in SSMS rather than standalone.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had the experience of getting started before discovering another product that basically solves the problem I’m gunning for. (Ready-roll was the last, since bought by red-gate).

Now it’s not that I thought my idea was magic or special or a unique little flower, but why is it after working with SQL Server databases for 15 years that I’ve only just noticed this tool (which I would have found useful and probably would have paid for).

If I created another would it be just as obscure? Should I still go ahead even though it’s a solved problem? Are there any ideas left on the earth?

Something for me to consider this week. I might update this post with further thoughts. Your thoughts are welcome.

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