Templated repos with dotnet new

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I’ve been digging in to making dotnet new templates and it turns out to be a remarkably capable bit of tooling.

It’s particularly useful when you want to build a load of similar microservices with their own git repos.

It can:

  • Rename files.
  • Rename strings (variables, class names etc).
  • Preserve case style of renamed strings (through “derived” replacements).
  • Create named command line arguments for your template string replacements, e.g. donet new mytemplate --myswitch MyReplacementValue.
  • Exclude entire blocks of code and files based on switches that user can provide.
  • Be installed an tested from a local folder with dotnet new install <path>.
  • Be built into a nuget package and published on private or public feeds.

Importantly, there’s nothing in the way that it works that stops you from making your template code build/test/run.

And because it’s a CLI tool, if you want to an update an existing generated repo with a new version of a template you can just run it again with --force, and use git to pick through what changes you want to take into the generated repo.

This really takes a lot of the toil out of the copy-paste-modify you would have to do otherwise.

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