Using Pidgin for IRC

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pidgin is quite a good irc client.

Once you have downloaded and installed pidgin:

  • Accounts > Manage Accounts
  • Add…
  • Protocol: IRC
  • Username: your preferred nickname (please use your real name)
  • Server: your irc server, eg
  • Password - leave blank
  • Add
  • Close (the “Accounts” window)

Back in the main pidgin window:

  • Buddies > Join A Chat…
  • Account: the one you just created
  • Channel: #favouriteroom, eg #pidgin

  • Password - leave blank
  • Join

In the new chat window for the chatroom:

  • Conversation > Add…
  • Tick “Autojoin when account connects.”
  • Tick “Remain in chat after window is closed.”
  • Leave everything else as defaults
  • Add

Now when pidgin launches you will have “#favouriteroom” in your buddy list, and you can double click to open the chatroom.

You may also want to make pidgin start when windows starts;

From the main window:

  • Tools > Plugins
  • Tick “Windows Pidgin Options”
  • Configure Plugin
  • Tick “Start Pidgin on Windows startup”
  • Close
  • Close (plugin window)

I also recommend enabling the Markerline plugin to help see what is new in the channel.

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