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Just came accross this. Network Solutions wants to end publicising who owns domain names. My response follow:

[x] I am not a Network Solutions customer
[x] The privacy of my personal data is important to me.
[ ] I support WHOIS rules that would limit online access to my personal information.
[ ] I offer strong support to proposals that promote personal privacy and rules that restrict providing my information to third-party organizations. This includes Network Solutions' proposal to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to eliminate the Bulk WHOIS access obligation.

I think it is important that such information remain publically available. If you don't like what people use it for then persue that line instead of trying to hide who you are. If enough people put effort into preventing abuse (ambiguous I know) of "the internet" then the problems of abuse will be diminished.

Pretending you don't exist will leave us all worse off, and make tracking down abuse harder.

I think the second point is there just to achieve a good number so they can skew the meaning later.

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