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Once again I've been threatened by the BBC.
Edited image of the most recent letter [48Kb]

I've reeled of a letter to white dot to see it they can help, or know of people who are similarly irritated.

See also: -Resizes your browser! Very bad web design.

Letter follows:
To: info/at/whitedot/dot/org
Subject: uk tv licensing

Hello folks.

I watched your telly program yonks ago (the one on the BBC saying, erm, don't watch the BBC!), and had to agree with more or less all your arguments. Bit disappointed you've not updated your site lately (last 12 months), maybe you got distracted by the flickering box in the corner?! I haven't had a TV in my flat for the last nine months now, and guess what. I don't miss it.

I've been getting threatening letters regularly from the BBC's TV Licensing division since about February, but this latest one has a tone which I find highly offensive as it implies that there can be no doubt I am a criminal. I've checked every letter to make sure there is no legal compulsion to tell them I have no TV, and there doesn't seem to be. I looked through the whole of the HTML on and found no reference to not having a TV.

I was hoping you might know what other people feel about being threatened this way, and what people have done about it.

I'd particularly like to draw your attention to the small print at the bottom of the page which says "If you have recently purchased a license, please accept our apologies...", and the notable absence of any such apology to those of us who dislike television far too much to pay £121 for it.

To be fair, there is actually a reasonable reference to people who do not own a TV on page 12 of this:
though it's taken me half an hour to find it and it doesn't detract from the fact that I've just been threatened with court action (again) and the £1,000 fine that they go on about.

Latest letter attached.


Tim Abell

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