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This weekend involved films, work, drinking and sleeping on sofas (not mine). It did not involve wimbledon.
The Importance of Being Earnest is now firmly embedded in my memory as one of the funnier things I have seen, starring Mr D'Arcy as someone else.

Just finished an hour of guitar practice with my mentor mr kev, and have now completed excercise 50 in the book (of 150). Not quite the musical heights and fame I was hoping for by now, and still no news of that record deal, hur hur. Only positive outcome has been acquisition of the nickname the axe man courtsey of a close personal friend, who says he's inclined to break out the fire axe whenever I play. Thanks for the moral support ;)

Started playing badminton again, or at least I've been once! I'd forgotten how much fun it can be.

Oh, and I've booked some tickets for the play, but it doesn't look like there will be any problems obtaining a few more. So thank you those of you who declined due to being out of the country or who have work etc, and if anyone else isn't sure then you can let me know nearer the time. (Though for now there's a whole row with my name on it). For those who are coming, I need to make plans for eating out, and there will be at least some space to crash at mine if reuired.

Luv to all


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