mmmm cake

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I've got the first cake I've ever made in the oven right now. :D

I've been flat out with work for ages and am knackered. I still haven't managed to get all my clocks running on GMT yet. I arrived in an empty field an hour early on Sunday - doh!

Does anyone know of anyone looking to share a place in Reading?

I got a childrens book in my shreddies the other day. At first I thought bah, humbug, another irritating marketing tactic. But now I've finished the cereal, and extracted the book from the packaging and am enjoying it! I guess it's inifitely better than the biodegrade-proof waste of hydrocarbons they normally include.

Oooh, five mins till my cake's done. :)
It's risen...
I'll let you know how it tastes.



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