Bloody Banks

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Cahoot just managed to cost me 80 pounds, in a day.

Subject: Banking error.


You've bounced three transactions on my current account and charged me £60 all on the 12th Jan. Despite there being a transfer to cover the whole amount made on the same day.

I am very annoyed and will be leaving cahoot unless this is resolved to my satisfaction.

Please refund the £60 to my account immediately and make arrangements to cover charges I will receive for the three failed transactions, plus a small sum to cover the expenses I will incur in dealing with BT, Egg & Student Loans Co.

Egg will charge £20.
I have yet to contact BT and Student Loans Co, but doubtless sorting this out will be a problem.


Tim Abell.

After much email ping pong they finally refunded the 60 quid they charged me. Still moving banks tho.

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