Integrating ShipStation with QuickBooks Desktop

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A possible customer of my new eCommerce Integration business popped up with an interesting problem: how to have orders that are entered into QuickBooks Desktop automatically create matching entries in ShipStation.

“How can I get my orders from QuickBooks into ShipStation without my staff manually retyping them?”

What is ShipStation?

It is a one-stop order shipping interface for shipping your physical outbound orders that can in turn talk to all the actual couriers so you don’t need to deal with them individually. It connects to Royal Mail, Hermes, DPD etc.

Connecting ShipStation to QuickBooks Desktop

There isn’t a direct way of connecting them together, so that means we need something to do the work of pulling orders out of QuickBooks and pushing them into ShipStation.

Here’s two pieces of software that can connect the two systems together:


Codeless BPA

Connex versus Codeless

Both Codeless BPA and Connex have similar monthly costs, and both will need setting up, so choosing which to go with is going to come down to which option fits your businesses needs better now and in the longer term. Connex will solve the immediate problem, but Codeless has more connections you can use in the future.


Unify by Webgility

TradeGecko (retired)

To integrate now, or to change technology?

As everything moves to the cloud it’s worth considering whether to invest further in your existing desktop-based technology choices, or to take the opportunity to move to cloud based accounting and ERP systems before looking to connect them together.

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