Wow. I've never had it so good.

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Life could not be better.

I haven't been this happy for many years. It really hit me when I was driving home tonight from seeing andy 'n co. I was half way home when I felt this huge wave of happiness course through my veins and I broke into a huge uncontrollable smile. It lasted for ages, and I'm still glowing. ( :^D)

Right now I'm listening to the streets on bbc radio 1, and even though it's one of the saddest most moving songs I've ever heard, nothing could bring me down now. I love that tune.

I started my new job at emapsite last monday and have been thoroughly enjoying it. The people are great and I'm relishing the challenge of a new beginning. I was even happy to head to London on company business!

Which... was the start of a blinding weekend. Sat finished with me rolling into Twyford station at around half ten this morning (Sunday). I've never missed the last train before but I was way to busy living life to worry about little things like that! Besides it was a good opportunity to see my best mate over in sunny croyden. Most appreciated, thanks a mil darling, I owe you big time (again!).

I regained a close friend this weekend who I had so carelessly lost. I hope there's no hard feelings and I'm looking forward to making up for lost time. I really appreciated being able to talk so freely, like I haven't for a long time. By the way, I have to give a huge thank you to all of my wonderful friends who have stuck by me through hard times, especially ants, coz, kev, andy, ellie, tom, 'laine, and some of my newer friends who probably won't read this! No regrets. Looking forward to more good times. And congrats to Anna, I wish you all the best.

Woah, that was a bit heavy. On a lighter note, I had a great day today helping to build a cardboard kiddy house with andy and 'lainey, pictures will follow after tuesday. I also managed to just about play the first few bars of new tune on the keyboard. I really think I might get somewhere with this music thing.

In other timmy news, I'm looking forward to a forthcoming triathlon relay race, in a kind of nervous way. I feel really good from all the fitness I've gained in the last nine months.

Time for sleep. Wish me luck for everything this week throws at me, and I wish you happiness where ever and who ever you are. Thanks for reading.



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