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Hello one and all,

My drama group is putting on a production of Clerical Errors in two weeks time. The script looks to be very amusing and I'm looking forward to going. Let me know if you want to come with me.

I plan to go on the first night and to involve a meal hopefully at La Fontana. Tickets are £6. I will be putting in the order for tickets this friday so try to let me know by then if you're going to make it.

It's a hot ticket! Don't miss out ;)

If you can't make Thursday let me know and I'll put together numbers for the other two nights and may go again.



mail me on


If you didn't get this as an email it either means I don't know who you are (hello! mail me :) or I got your address wrong or never had it, in which case mail me!

Another couple of thoughts on contact details etc:
Do you have a website? If so let me know and if you don't mind I'll post a link to it.
Secondly, /. has a system for tracking relationships which is quite cool, so can I suggest we all get /. accounts and set each other as friends (or foes, mwaa ha ha.) then we won't ever have to keep that big list of email addresses. Do it now!

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