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A new job-hunting assistant for contractors

Calling all IT contractors; would you pay to have some of the pain of contract hunting taken away?

I’m considering launching a business for IT contractors like myself that will do the tedious and time-consuming bits of job hunting.

If this is something you think you’d be interested in then sign up to the mailing list for early access.


  • Search job postings for you, letting you know when good matches come up, across multiple job boards.
  • Submit your CV on your behalf
  • Keep track your applications (when you sent your CV where for what rate).
  • Handle first contact from companies / recruiters, validating it’s worth your time
  • A simple monthly fee, with no long-term commitment.
  • No cut of your contract rate and no fee per placement.

A concierge service for IT contractors.

As I know from first-hand experience the job hunt is a time-consuming slog where being on top of all your leads is critical to avoid being taken advantage of rate-wise by a sharp-eyed contingency recruiter, or having a deal ruined by duplicate CV submissions.


How is this different from all the other recruiters?

In house recruiters are agents of the hiring company, and you may have to deal with many of these. We are working for you, the contractor, no matter how many companies and agencies you are talking to. They can only help you with respect to their company.

Contingency recruiters (i.e. 3rd party recruiters) are trying to insert themselves into the deal between you and a client, sometimes with the okay of that client, sometimes without. Unlike them we are not trying to skim money off your contracts, instead we are providing a service that helps you avoid the painful bits of the job hunt, for a straight-forward monthly fee that reflects the value we provide to you. Value for value. These recruiters will not help you with leads from other recruiters, in fact letting them know about other leads is a recipe for disaster.

So neither of these will help you with your overall job hunt. You still have to manage all your leads yourself.

How is this different from a talent agent?

You may have read the new-yorker piece about the agent 10x.

  • They charge 15% of your rate (a pretty big cut imho!) whereas we charge a flat rate for the service we provide; value for value.
  • They are limiting themselves to the mythical 10x’er. So even though they offer a lot of the concierge I’m offering, you probably can’t get them to take you on. We however will take on even non-rocket-scientist contractors as we scale, free from BS hype about “rockstars”.
  • Our service is clearly working for you and no-one else whereas with 10x’s percentage fee it’s not clear who they work for no matter what the marketing says.
  • 10x are attempting to find clients directly, just like every other contingency recruiter. We don’t mind where your work comes from as we aren’t trying to insert ourselves into the deal, so you won’t be limiting your market by working with us, in fact we’ll make it easier for you to cover more of the market by doing the hard work for you.

Sign up now!

If you think this is something you might use, then please sign up to the mailing list so you can get first access. There will initially be limited spaces for clients so that we don’t overstretch, so sign up now for first-come first-served early access.

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