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About Charm Consulting Ltd

Charm Consulting provides ASP.NET software engineering and consulting services on a contract basis.

About Me (Tim Abell)

I provide programming and consultancy services for clients with primarily C# / ASP.NET MVC projects. I focus on providing quality long-term solutions to the problems at hand, making sure the work being done is aligned with the priorities and values of the client. I have full-stack web development capabilities, with an emphasis on back-end systems. I can lead, mentor and can communicate with all stakeholders.

My core values in my work are: honesty, continual learning, applying best practices, quality, elegance, practicality, avoiding dogmatism, emergent architecture, YAGNI, agility, customer focus, continuous process & code improvement. Read more about my approach to work.

I’ve focussed on software engineering roles & projects since graduating in 2000 with a degree in Cybernetics & Control Engineering from Reading University. I’ve had the opportunity work in organisations of all sizes which has allowed me to gain broad knowledge and skills, from team leadership to server administration.

As the tech industry never stands still I’ve recently been broadening my skillset by adding GoLang to my existing full-stack C# / ASP.NET web development skills. My latest side-project (written in GoLang) is SQL Schema Explorer, this has been helping me improve my marketing skills as well as broadening my programming skills.

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I have a broad interest in programming and business and am always doing something beyond client work.


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