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About Charm Consulting Ltd

Charm Consulting provides ASP.NET Programming Services on a contract basis. Consultants can bring along a laptop with Visual Studio 2017 Professional if required.

About Me (Tim Abell)

I specialize in C# / ASP.NET MVC projects, both legacy & greenfield. I bring full-stack skills, with an emphasis on back-end technologies.

I’ve focussed on programming projects and roles since graduating in 2000 with a degree in Cybernetics & Control Engineering from Reading University, I shifted from permanent jobs to contracting in 2012.

Some of the principles I bring to my work are: honesty (even when it’s hard), best practices, quality, elegance, practicality and continuous improvement. Learn more here: /2018/03/10/my-approach-to-my-work/


I have a broad interest in programming and business and am always doing something beyond client work. My current side-project (written in GoLang) is http://schemaexplorer.io/


To learn about my approach to protecting against duplicate recruiter submissions see my Recruiters page.